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And I forgot to tell you about it for a while. Oops. XD;;;
So in the past two years, a lot changed and I'm singing the current ending theme for Naruto Shippuden. 
No really, here:

The song is called "Spinning World" and I'm pretty fond of it. I'd done covers before (first releases I never mentioned here in 2013 because I forgot) but this is my first original release, so even though it's kind of embarrassing to unabashedly pimp it out here on dA, a for-fun drawing spot, I shall in the name of shameless self promotion! XDDDDD
The PV will likely be blocked outside of Japan (sorry!) but if you use some epic Google-fu, it's out there.
And here's the gorgeous animation Omg. This should be avaliable outside Japan.
This is the PV if you're in Japan or are good at going through VPNs

....So that's probably why I haven't posted anything in like forever.
Still drawing though. I just also still don't have a scanner. It's been like two years and I don't visit my friend with a scanner often enough to mass scan everything. I don't want him to think I'm using him for his bod-I mean scanner.

Therefore, in the name of having a good reason to get a scanner fromworkforseriousworkreasons, I was thinking it might be fun to start up a tiny webcomic somewhere in addition to my regular singing activities? I'd wanted to make drawing a part of my career from the start, even just to design things to use in shows, for tour goods, or as little extras for media. Recently we thought it might be interesting to try for a one page a week mini comic as a sort of side project, see where it would go and what the reception might be. Kind of as a way to bring my interests together a bit, offer something special, and to reach out to a wider audience as well as being more accessible and relatable.... And also a way for me to finally have a good reason to go get a scanner. XDDDDD
Management is still thinking about it and there's no telling what it'd be about (all for suggestions though,) but it might be a fun project. My art isn't anything to write home about but I do enjoy it and my goal from the start was to tell stories and have my characters do things and interact - rather than just float around as concepts. If I'm going to do it anyway, I may as well channel it into a regular thing and having an excuse of "this is work... Kinda" will make sure it gets done.^^

At this point, it's only in the "That might be possible" phase of planning. Not sure whether I'd use existing story things and characters (like ghost kid or the snowy looking one with the weird animals) or whether they'd have me go a bit less...Dead people XD
....For the children.

Anyway, if it happens, I'll be posting things here and also on likely a seperate server connected to the Sony official sites.
Even if it doesn't, I will one day get a scanner.
...Probably! XDDDD

Anyway, sorry again for the shameless promotion and also thanks for reading even though it's been years!
  • Listening to: Fantastic Baby - Big Bang
  • Reading: Stand Still. Stay Silent
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  • Playing: Fantasy Life
  • Eating: Thin Mints shipped from the best person ever.
  • Drinking: Hot water. I'm cold.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Zodiac: Dragon - Leo/Virgo
Favorite Animal: Snow Leopard
Cat's Name: Keagan the Cuddly
Occupation: Singer
Favorite Color: Orange / Red
Favorite Flower: Hydrangea
Favorite Food: Okonomiyaki (Hiroshima Style!) / Bread/ Parfait

Current Residence: Galaxy Express Station
Print preference: ALL CAPS
Favorite genre of music: No Genre. Enka to Rock and Rap to Pop.
Favorite style of art: Traditional Manga / Mixed Styles
Shell of choice: The ones with the oceans inside
Personal Quote: "Don't Intellectualize" - Ursula LeGuin


Grandpeeps by ShikamaCHU
I briefly visited my Grandparents in the USA last week and drew this for them as a parting gift. I couldn't really think of what else to do for them as I live so far away and can't normally visit. It had been 6 or 7 years since I'd been able to make the trip out to see them.

My Grandfather's (we call him "Bop") health isn't doing that well, so after some prodding, I was able to get a week away from work to come to the US. I'm really glad I was able to do that (as it's not generally a thing.)

My mother (top left) and my Stepfather (top right,) as well as my brother (bottom left) and Sister (bottom middle) were also there. I've honestly probably never seen them all at once so that was kind of amazing.

My mother is completely the kind of person that would give her fragile teenage son bunny ears.

In any case, I promised my mom I'd put this somewhere. It's a bit of a tradition for me to draw something for them if we visit and I wasn't about to break that.

I hope Bop's health improves and we can watch another Orioles VS Red Socks game together again ^^
Colored Pens and pencils on sketch paper.
....Brown pen totally ran out part-way though (why I had to switch to pencils.)
Important Questions 3/3 by ShikamaCHU
Important Questions 3/3
A short Mini-comic about a conversation I had with a friend.

So the context behind his question is: He's pretty tall (6'0"/185cm) and not what you'd call traditionally "slight." He may actually have been worried about not being cute... Except that he's totally the cutest thing and he knows it.

But that's why he's my favorite XDDDDD

Page 3/3

First Page --->…
Second Page --->…

Copic Multiliners
Copic Markers
Colored pens
White/pink pencils
Important Questions 2/3 by ShikamaCHU
Important Questions 2/3
A short Mini-comic about a (slightly traumatic) conversation I had with a friend.

How does one answer this? I mean, he wears a lot of pastel colors and knows more about makeup than me andI'mapopstarsothat'simpressive so.... Like... Yeah? That doesn't mean anything though but I thought I'd take a stab at it.

Page 2/3

First Page --->…
Last Page --->…

Copic Multiliners
Copic Markers
Colored pens
White/pink pencils
Important Questions 1/3 by ShikamaCHU
Important Questions 1/3
A short Mini-comic about a conversation I had with a friend. Sorry the text is so hard to read XD I should have actually typeset it but that would have taken more effort.

I really wasn't ever expecting to be asked this in my life.

Page 1/3

Next Page --->…

Copic Multiliners
Copic Markers
Colored pens
White/pink pencils
Flashback by ShikamaCHU
This is actually reeeeaaaally old (Late 2010 or early 2011) but I found it when I was clearing out my hard drive recently.

.....Also, that grey cloaked thing is literally the least scary thing ever bwahaha. I could have probably been a bit more creative than black fog in a bedsheet wow.

So. When I worked for Barnes and Noble Booksellers, there was an art contest for the "Nook" bookreader, which was pretty new at the time. I can't recall if I sent it in (It was right before I moved to Japan so probably not) but it was fun to draw.
The idea was to express, in art, the product's good points.  I decided to focus on how you could "loan" books to friends' accounts for a few weeks, enabling you to share and enjoy books you love no matter how far away you were. 

I'm originally from Washington D.C., but moved to Seattle for University. My best friend and I are avid readers (largely Fantasy) and it was hard to keep up on what the other was reading. I used those two locations and those feelings as the inspiration behind this.

It took three A4 sketchbook pages to make this. I scanned them all and joined them together.
It's old so the style is dated and awkward, but in the spirit of Spring and the fact there's my hometown's cherry blossoms all over it - it'd be a waste not to share ^^

Copic markers, pens, pencils, whiteout

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